I2i aims to make Dutch health care healthier. We work with health care providers and insurers to ensure public funds are spent productively and efficiently.


We analyse microdata provided by our partner hospitals and insurers to map the care hospitals provide and how they bill for this care. Taking into account the different populations hospitals serve as well as the types of care they provide, we use this microdata to create benchmarks. These benchmarks allow us to compare hospitals and specialties and to discover potential irregularities and inefficiencies. We then collaborate with the relevant health care providers to identify possible causes and to create improvement plans to tackle the inefficiencies and eliminate the irregularities.

Fair Care Partnership

Health care providers that are committed to gaining insight into how they can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the care they provide and that are equally committed to carrying out improvements based on these insights enter into a Fair Care Partnership with us. We carry out detailed analyses for our hospital partners, work with them to create improvement plans, and monitor the progress they make as improvement plans are implemented.

Fair Care Certificate

Once health care providers have carried out their improvement plans and shown a commitment to carrying out further improvements in the future as we continue to monitor their microdata as well as the microdata provided by our partner insurers, such health care providers are awarded the Fair Care Certificate. This certificate bestows important benefits upon the health care providers: they receive advantageous contracts from our partner insurers, they are subjected to far fewer inspections by these insurers, and they receive payment for their care in a more expeditious manner.


Insurers save money because health care providers work more efficiently and because the need for inspections and monitoring is greatly reduced. Health care providers save money because any loss of income that results from increased efficiencies is more than offset by the improved terms hospitals can negotiate with insurers.

But ultimately the benefits of the i2i Fair Care Partnerships extend far beyond health care providers and insurers: by reducing the costs of health care without having to compromise on the quality of the care provided, i2i plays an important role in making sure the Dutch health care system remains affordable while continuing to provide patients with excellent care.